Inplace Upgrade Win 2008 to 2008R2

Just wanted to write this for the fun of it, I know it is an old edition which is out of main stream support as of Jan 2015, it has extended support till 2020 WindowsSupport_LifeCycle

The upgrade is pretty self explanatory. Also please take a backup of the whole server before starting the process. If just databases, back them up and copy them to an external device or a shared drive that’s not on this server so that we can rebuild SQL in case the upgrade corrupts the server.

Start the install process, Select “Install now” Tab


Then Select “Go online for Update’s” a recommended one (hopefully the server can connect to the web)




Click Upgrade


System reboots automatically many times over the period of the upgrade at the above step. If you are on a virtual environment connect to the server thru Vcenter.



It creates a new NIC along with the Existing one.. Reconfigure the NIC for you to be able to ping or RDP in to the server after the upgrade.

Old accounts work, log back in to the server and verify everything including SQL.



About SQLKit

For almost 10 years supporting SQL versions starting 6.5 to current as an production SQL DBA and as Application admin. Interests or learning include Hadoop , MySQL, PostGRESql and SAP BASIS administration.
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